Awareness of the Tartu Youth Council among young people in Tartu II

The purpose of this survey was to discover the Tartu Youth Council (TLNV) awareness among young people living and/or studying in Tartu in 2022. The TLNV was established in 2018 to represent young people in matters that concern them in the governance of the city of Tartu, both at the level of the city administration and the city council. The study consists of two research periods. The first study period was in 2021 when a survey was carried out to investigate young people’s awareness of the Tartu Youth Council. This report reflects the results of the second survey, which took place in 2022.

The primary data collection method was a questionnaire survey among young people aged 7–26 living and/or studying in Tartu, which was answered by a total of 144 respondents. The survey was followed by focus group discussions with young people in Tartu. The conclusions and recommendations drawn from the survey will help to better organise the work of the TLNV better, set goals for the coming year and involve young people from Tartu in its activities.

The results for 2022 show a number of positive developments in the work of the Tartu City Council. In addition to a surge in voter turnout, the number of candidates for TLNV membership has also increased. Young people’s awareness of both the existence and the activities of the TLNV has also increased, as well as their contact with TLNV members and participation in events organised by the TLNV. This is a significant change that will increase the actual representation of young people in Tartu in the work of the Tartu Youth Council and, as a result, the legitimacy of the TLNV.

The survey was conducted in 2021 and 2022 and commissioned by Tartu City Government.