Policy Recommendations Innovation Financing in the European Medical Device Sector

The Policy Recommendations document outlines the knowledge obtained by the InJection network on innovation financing for the medical device industry and provide recommendations for potential actions, which can be implemented by the European Commission through instruments available. The challenges pertaining to the medical device industry are part of a wider complex of factors that influence the current challenges in the European medical device and health care industries. Consequently, the challenges described in this document alongside the concrete recommendations outlined, require action on several levels and are thus aimed at both short-term implementation and long-term inspiration on the level of European Policy development. The recommendations have been prepared on the basis of the work by the InJection network in analysing the European medical device and health industry with in-depth analysis of European health care systems, medical device industry, entrepreneurial and innovation support systems, financing and venture capital systems in European member states, as well as the global markets and global value chains in the medical device sector. The recommendations have further been discussed and edited by European policy experts and from the public and private sector, as well as industry specialists and representatives from the financing sector from the major European regions for purposes of validating and testing the recommendations to ensure quality and comprehensiveness on a pan-European level.