Apr 2007

This book draws together a number of papers that analyse the opportunities that entrepreneurs and public policy have to enhance Estonia’s competitive advantages and advance the development of less prosperous regions of the country.

Apr 2007

Tiits, Marek (2008). Estonia’s Economic Integration into Cross-border Production Networks of the Baltic Sea Region. In: Grinberg, Ruslan; Havlik, Peter; Havrylyshyn, Oleh (Ed.). Economic Restructuring and Integration in Eastern Europe: Experiences and Policy Implications (281−296). Germany: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft.

Sep 2006

The Workpackage 1 aims at a better and common understanding of biotech-health sector specificities, in particular regarding access to finance (task 1.1.) and at identifying […]

Mar 2005

Made in Estonia


The 1990s have cetainly been very progressive for Estonia that is now a member of the European Union and NATO, and rather successful for many […]

Feb 2002

Societal inclination towards a fast acquisition of modern technologies, willingness to experiment with new solutions and internationally success- ful promotional campaigns have introduced Estonia on […]