juuli 2009

Hindamisega anti ülevaade, kas EL toetuste jagamise aluseks olevate rakenduskavade sisu ja vahendute jaotus vastab ka Eesti vajadustele halvenenud majanduskeskkonnas.

veebr. 2009

Proposing measures in order to increase competitiveness of the industry in Banská Bystrica Self-governing Region through supporting R&D innovation potential of the region.

veebr. 2009

Analysis of the recent patterns of industrial restructuring in the new EU member states and in selected NIS in order to reveal the role played by the varying degree of economic integration in the progress of economic transition and restructuring, activities of foreign investors (especially regarding technology transfer, innovation activities, management practices and resulting changes in production and trade specialisation).

veebr. 2009

GAL-EDGE developed a package of incentives encouraging significant business investment in the region to help diversify the economy and stimulate new private sector job creation. The goals of this partnership were to stimulate the transformation of knowledge created by the regional and EU research and enterprises into innovations that build strong local and regional economies, with trans-regional partnerships.

juuni 2008

Uurisime, millistes valdkondades suudavad info- ja kommunikatsioonitehnoloogiad järgmise kümne aasta jooksul enim Eesti majanduse ja ühiskonna arengusse panus­tada

mai 2007

Exploring the role national minorities had played in the process of democratic transition in South, Central and Eastern Europe and to identifying best practices developed in the target countries to support minorities in realising their interests.