juuni 2008

Uurisime, millistes valdkondades suudavad info- ja kommunikatsioonitehnoloogiad järgmise kümne aasta jooksul enim Eesti majanduse ja ühiskonna arengusse panus­tada

mai 2007

Exploring the role national minorities had played in the process of democratic transition in South, Central and Eastern Europe and to identifying best practices developed in the target countries to support minorities in realising their interests.

märts 2006

Offering the the participating regions a framework in which they can develop and test methodologies and tools in transnational partnership project aiming at the assessment of the impact of their RTD policies and allowing benchmarking of these policies.

jaan. 2006

Supporting the national and sub-national research and innovation policy actors by providing a comprehensive methodology to translate the available results produced with the R&D activities into concrete policy making decisions by the means of innovative assessment tools.

okt. 2005

Carrying out activities to create and to work as a laboratory for innovative ideas to address the issues of access to innovation financing in the healthcare-dedicated Biotech sector, both from the investors side and from the biotech companies sides.

juuli 2005

Developing specific guides and tools targeting innovative enterprises in the medical device sector, and validating such guides and tools through specific roundtable discussions between representatives from the financing community and the companies.